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The red button glared at her. "Just push me," it whispered in her mind menacingly. "You'll be the hero if you do."

Ann wanted to push the button. She really did. The power was in her hands; she was the only one who knew about the red button that would stop the trolley. No one knew she was there. The adrenaline was pumping through her. She could picture it now.

Local woman saves 5 people from runaway trolley; no one dead, the headlines would read. Ann would be celebrated. The mayor would have a dinner in her honor, and she'd be given the keys to the city. She'd make headline news across the world. She'd finally make an appearance like she dreamed of on late night shows and talk shows. Heads of different countries would call her up and ask her how did she manage to save even the one person to the side thus making the trolley problem null and void. There would be movies made about her, TV crime shows would have episodes about this event starring her. She'd have the finest dresses, attend all the awards shows, even finally find true love. All she had to do was push the button and make herself known to the public.

Ann heard the runaway trolley come closer. She heard the screams, the pleas; one louder than the others. She knew that voice anywhere. She had no idea how he managed to get tied to the train tracks with the other four victims but she didn't care. He deserved it. After the years of pain and abuse, the hitting, the accusations, the lies, she had finally gained the strength to leave him. Not that it was working well; he stalked her every chance he had - harrassing her at work, leaving threatening notes, calling and breathing in her ear. Finally today of all days, Ann had worked up the courage to go to the police station and file a restraining order when she stumbled across the red button that everyone was frantically looking for.

The sirens were getting closer; she had to make a decision before she was found. It would look bad if she was found standing by the lever and she didn't do anything. Headlines would then read: Local woman arrested for not saving 5 people from runaway trolley. All she had to do was push the button!

The red button whispered again, this time pleadingly, "don't let the others die just because of your ex-husband. Do they deserve it? Push me."

Ann shook her head. No, they didn't, but her ex-husband certainly did. She wouldn't shed a tear if he was gone.

The sounds of the police searching for the button were getting closer as were the sounds of the runaway trolley. It was a matter of seconds at this point.

Decision made, she quickly walked away before anyone saw her. It was out of her hands at this point. Whatever happened, happened.

Ann prayed that the police would find the button in time.

But if not, at least she would be safe. Always.


This week's entry is based on the The Trolley Problem:

The Trolley Problem is an ethical dilemma. A runaway trolley is barrelling down the tracks. 5 people are tied to the train tracks unable to move and the trolley is heading straight for them. You are a little ways away next to the lever. You now have two choices:

1. Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track.
2. Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person.
What do you do?

Looking around for inspiration trying to understand the Trolley Problem better, I came across this writing prompt: You are the conductor from the trolley problem memes, you have the power to stop the train in time but do not. Nobody knows you're part of the equation, you satisfy your blood-lust and get away with it every time.

And thus this story!

Ann is a character from a season 9 story I wrote. She seemed like the type of person who'd walk away as long as she wasn't caught.
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