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What a day...and not a good day either :/

The nice part was waking up this morning with my doofus and cuddling with him. Neither one of us are morning people (though I'm the harder one to wake up in the morning) and this morning, he struggled to get out of bed so we just laid there and curled up with each other dozing on and off.

That was the big highlight...that and sitting at Tae Kwon Do with Jake just reading a book, hearing Kyle say Mama very clearly (that was exciting for me because I haven't heard him talk clearly in a long time!) - oh and being home on time to watch Hell's Kitchen (though I'm annoyed as hell that Suzanne has still not been kicked off!). And I did have an awesome phone conference with my team for class - I got lucky this class with the people on my team :D

Beyond that, it sucked.

A little TMI maybe but I woke up and realized I had a UTI or the beginnings of it. As I was not going to drive 3 hours home thinking I need to pee every 5 seconds and being in pain, I had to stop and buy meds.

I had to leave my doofus in PA and head back - hate doing that :/

Oh so then I'm driving on 222 [a PA state highway] in Berks/Lancaster Counties and I notice this old couple going 35-40 miles an hour on a highway weaving in and out of the lane [speed limit is 65]!!! I tried signaling to them but they ignored me. I called the cops because well I was worried about this couple and who the fuck drives 35 miles an hour on a highway? I called somewhere out of Knauers/Adamstown ... which I think is still Berks. They said they'll check that out and I hung up. As I hang up, I thought it wouldn't it be my luck to get pulled over for something.

Yeah, crossed into Lancaster....and sure enough, guess who got pulled over?!? Here's the thing: it's 65 and I'm going 78 which I think is reasonable on a state highway as I'm keeping up with traffic. I notice a Cop chilling and I figure well, just in case let me slow my ass down and switch back into the right lane. I see him pull out behind me and he's driving following me for about a mile or two not doing anything and I'm maintaining now about 70 when he pulls me over!!!! He fucking waited for I don't know what to pull me over rather than pulling me over when I was doing 78 so by the time he does actually pull me over, I'm actually really confused now and thinking well maybe he's pulling me over regarding my earlier phone call. Nope. He tells me he clocked me at 78 thus giving me a ticket PLUS he will be nice to me and not give me a ticket for my Hawaiian Lei that I have on my rearview mirror because it is illegal in PA to have anything hanging there [which as far as I know is not illegal in MD]. He then gives me the third degree for being in PA when I clearly do not live there. Am I not allowed to visit?? Sheesh.

So I have $143 ticket for speeding! $143!!! What the hell? For going 13 miles over?? Hell, I went 25 over speed limit in a residential (in MD) once and only got $90! I'm debating fighting it ... it's not a far drive to Lancaster for me (1.5 hours or so) and I think this is utterly ridiculous for pulling me over when people were going faster than me...but because I have a MD license plate, you're going to target me. He even said, I know you're probably going to pay because you're not really going to want to drive to Lancaster, right!? I didn't say anything to him. UGH! Before I fight though, I want to see if the points will transfer into MD or not. Because I may just pay it if I can not get points on my license - I can't afford to have points with the job I have [a lot of my job involves driving my kids around]. I have 10 days to decide and mail it out. What would you do?

Then I got off work and Aba asked me to stop at Glenmont because he wanted to give me a number to this psychologist he met at Starbucks who maybe wants to hire me or something [I'm not entirely clear on this but I'll call this lady tomorrow]. And then he goes...you have any money? WTF? You work, damnit. You make much more than I do because you tell me constantly about the jobs you have ... don't ask me! I gave him $2 because well that's all I had on me nor would I stop at the ATM. Then he asked me to take him to the hospital this week for his eyes...and I'm sorry, I love my dad but I can't do this when I know he doesn't take care of himself anyways. I take the time off work to do things for him and then he doesn't bother anyways with what the doctor tells him because he knows better! And then he gets mad at me if I interfere. Tells me I have a big mouth and he can talk for himself...so fine do it yourself!

I'll probably eventually do it anyways and take him or otherwise the guilt will eat at me. Sigh.

Is it slightly sad that my excitement this week so far exists only of going to my eye doctor on Friday [I love going to eye doctors lol]. Otherwise I'm working late tomorrow and Thursday doing respite. I may do respite work Saturday. I could use the hours now that I'm not working with Morgan. I'm going to miss that girl lol.

I need to start lesson planning for Sunday and Tuesday - another school year has started! :D

*crosses fingers that tomorrow and the rest of the week will be better than today*

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