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Fall is starting early it seems here in Maryland. I find that I have to take a jacket with me to have in the car just in case I need it [and I've needed it]. I actually like it though - beats the humidity that we had the previous week!

I think the biggest challenge for me this blog-a-thon is not writing an entry every day but rather leaving this journal open for a month and knowing that anyone can stumble across this and read. I've had my journal friend's only since I started writing here 4 years ago so this is brand new to me being open like this. Maybe this will be good for me :)

I went to go visit my aunt in the hospital tonight - she had knee replacement surgery which went well but she's there for a few days before rehab. Her and I started watching the movie Blood Diamond which I've always wanted to see. I only saw about 15 minutes of this movie before she fell asleep and I got caught up in conversation with my cousin but I can't get it off my mind. The first 10 minutes you see the army invade and kill people and chop off limbs of people. I knew what a conflict diamond was theoretically and that De Beers diamonds are conflict free but to see it graphically and know that there are people who've gone through and/or still suffer today pains me. I was talking to Lina (who is from Sierra Leone) and she says it really hit home for her about her country when she was there and visited amputation camps and she saw little children missing limbs...and for what? It sickens me to think about it :/

Slightly less depressing, I got to see Lina tonight which always makes me happy. We hit up McDonalds which I haven't had in about a year as I hate fast food but she wanted to go so I was fine with it. This guy gave us coupons inside so we got a good deal (buy an angus burger and get fries and a drink for free - sweet) and we took our food and drove to Kennedy to sit on the bleachers and eat. I always look at that building and automatically so many memories assault me from sitting on the steps at lunch, to drama club, all the guys my friends and I have ever liked back in the day, classes, volleyball, friends, etc. Good times. We sat on the bleachers and just talked and laughed for about an hour (until we heard a voice over the loudspeaker going get out of the parking lot...go home...which was weird because no car was there and no one was there hmm). Such a nice night to sit outside with your best friend :)

Sigh why is my internet so loopy tonight - takes forever to load a page and AIM keeps kicking me off...maybe it's a sign I should go do some homework and shower to get ready for tomorrow!
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I would have updated on the 2nd for the sake of the Ecstasy blog-a-thon except that I've barely been home today! Thus I'm backdating slightly to have an entry on the 2nd since well...it's still the 2nd in other parts of the United States ;)

So my birthday despite my original misgivings ended up being fucking amazing :)

I slept in today since I didn't have to work with Morgan [despite Dave and Petra constantly texting me this morning going OMG can you work...fuck that, you told me I have a day off thus you cannot text me at 7 AM expecting me to come in]. I stumbled out of bed close to noon and very happy. I got spanked 25 times and then I had gifts waiting which I was excited about even knowing what most of them were (I picked them out lmao).

I got from Mommy:
-A purple shirt
-A purple wallet <3
-2 pairs of purple socks
-Black high heeled boots (so happy because I didn't have a pair last winter and I didn't feel like myself without them lol)
-Car stereo (came in the mail and I did not know about it and hopefully Pham will install it for me next weekend)
-100 rubber bands for my hair (which I had no idea but I was excited since I can always use them
-Leopard print sheets (found them at Sears and it was like $20 for full size so Mommy bought them and wrapped it)
-$50 to go for paying for my manicure/pedicure appointment with Timothy on Friday :)

I also got some really sweet cards from her that made me cry lol.

Afterward Mommy and I got dressed and we went to Max's (a Kosher restaurant) with Dalia and Michelle (who keeps strictly Kosher) for lunch. It was pretty decent (first time I've ever been there and not ordered falafal or schwarma but their other food is good too). Had some intriguing discussions about respect, relationship, and the future. It was interesting for me to watch the interactions now that Michelle and I are adults and yet out to lunch with our mothers and having these serious type of talks - like for the first time I was able to bring up to Dalia as an adult to adult that her husband does not respect her and she goes I know and the 4 of us were able to talk about the past and how that impacts us. Makes me wish that Michelle wasn't going to college in NY so I could hang out with her more.

I went to work for 1.5 hours. It should have been 2.5 but Jake wanted to go to his school's back to school night picnic. Alison's still willing to pay me for 2 hours so I'm cool with it especially the fact that I was happy to see Jake so excited about spending time with his friends. She got me a big chocolate chip cookie cake and everyone sang me happy birthday and we ate cookies - not bad for 1.5 hours ;)

Then came the fun part - my last minute dinner plans. As I mentioned, I invited people just yesterday morning to go out to dinner. I would have been happy if 2 or 3 friends came out since it was such short notice. Ended up that I spent my birthday with 14 friends at the Lebanese Taverna :) Good times! We also went out after to this Irish pub McGintys that's down the street and had drinks and dessert - I had Banana's Foster (yummy) which they put a candle on it and everyone sang happy birthday :) I was amazed. I really did not think people would have came out all this way for me (since it's a Wednesday night) and I was really pleasantly surprised :)

few pics of the night behind this cut )

What a nice way to start off being 24 :)

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