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Full Metal Jacket is a pretty decent movie. I liked the first half better than the second but all in all a good movie and cuddle worthy if only for the fact that I hate looking at blood and gore lol. It made me realize how much my knowledge of the Vietnam War is lacking though. I need to spend some time with Wiki!

It's been pretty nice to have Jon here even though he has to leave in the AM :(. Jake made a comment the other day that stuck me. I was sitting with him as he ate his dinner and he was asking me his million and one questions about Jon when Kali [his older sister] asked who's Jon? Jake answers for me and says he's her boyfriend...and then goes on to say that Jon is her best friend too! Pretty observant for an 11 year old :D

But he is my best friend. Not that I've not known this but it really hit home for me. Tuesday night my monitor died [though I did not know what exactly it was at the time] and of course the first person I called was Jon to freak out to. I did get annoyed as hell at him for constantly telling me I'll be fine and it's not a big deal because computers die every day. Even hung up on him and called Angel pissed off. However, when I called him back still freaking out, he offered if I really wanted for him to come down and look at it. After contemplating all of my options, I figured okay come down, I want to see you. As Alison put it to me yesterday, I have an amazing boyfriend that's willing to drive down so I won't be left without a computer :) He is amazing despite Jake's sadness that he won't do my laundry for me [he's very fixated on the fact I haven't done laundry in 2 weeks so he figures Jon should do it for me lol]. I got lucky with him :D

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