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Top Chef has been my newest addiction. It reminds me of a classier version of Hell's Kitchen. I love the fact that there's a couple of locals on the show especially Mike Isabella who is the chef at Zaytinyas in DC ... where Lelia has been wanting to take me now for dinner for the past year or so! I'm really determined now to go there even more. One of the chefs also has a restaurant in Frederick which I want to go to as well :)

Not much happening today. Worked. Acquired some hours for Saturday (working 3-9 chilling with the twins) so I'm working basically since this past Tuesday until next Thursday every day. I need the money though. Besides I have a 3 day weekend next weekend for Rosh Hashanah which makes up for it!

I've been tempted the past few days to message my ex and be like take a hint and leave my friend the fuck alone. He basically has been IMing my friend every day since they ran into each other wanting to talk to him and be friends. I love the fact that karma is biting him in the ass. He told me once that I'd have no friends or no one to love me while he'd have everyone. Karma is a bitch, ain't it? However now it's just getting pathetic since it's been almost a month of him leaving daily IMs for my friend to no response and even I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for him. I've been debating leaving a scathing message for him through my Ahayot account on Facebook (since he blocked me) or leaving a message for his fiancee (who oddly has not blocked me) to tell him to back off. Actually I think it would be more fun to email her and piss her off *snickers*. Maybe I am a horrible person? *shrugs* However, part of me also feels that my friend should handle this however he wants so I'm holding off for now because as much as it's tempting, I don't need to be involved in this. Who knows, now that this entry is open until the end of the month, I would not be surprised if one or both read this LMAO.

Hit up the gym with Romeo for a half hour tonight. I love having a gym buddy. I've been a member of this gym for more than a year now. I've gone more in the past two months than I have the whole time I've been a member now that I have Romeo to go with. He's a fun guy to hang out with - glad we reconnected!

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