Sep. 7th, 2009

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I've never bought anyone a drink but I've had drinks bought for me. Last time that happened, I was out with Rachi and Sarah in Baltimore and this cute British guy bought Sarah and I a beer lol. I was out once though with Lina and Brian in Georgetown at some bar and this creepy fat guy bought me a drink as a way of approaching me. He figured if he bought me a drink secretly then I would be like OMG why thank you and then approach him. Nope. I said thanks and then tried avoiding him all night. Hey, I didn't ask you to buy me the drink!

It's been a really chill day today. Jon's at work for another hour so I've basically spent the day with his dad talking. Pretty nice though he can talk your ear off! He did however unexpectedly clean all the sap off my car! I had told him about my car how disgusting it looks and he said well, lemme fix the toilet and we'll take a look. I went upstairs, lost track of time and next thing I know I hear his dad outside coughing and I go outside and my car is clean! He said he wanted to test it out and see if what they had worked and then got involved cleaning. My car feels brand new - I can't wait to drive it again :) Once I got my new stereo in place I think I shall love my car again!

Back to MD tomorrow...

I notice with the blog-a-thon my entries are shorter...I wonder if that's because I have less to say now that I'm updating every day or do I feel I'm limiting myself in what I can say? Hmm something to ponder o.0

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