Sep. 19th, 2009

xlovebecomesher: (Heart on)
Appearances can be deceiving.

I sat there tonight pondering that as I looked at my friend, Debbie.

Debbie is this adorable tiny Filipino girl. She has the looks, the clothes, that perfect body. She's absolutely gorgeous.

I remember she lived on my floor my freshman year of college. I didn't really know her. I actually only remember her living on my floor because I was hanging out with Rachi when I was first getting to know him as well and we stopped in her room for a few.

If you look at her without talking to her, you'd think well she's so gorgeous, she's probably really stuck up too. I know that's what I thought for a long time. I would see her when she'd come and hang out with everyone and I'm thinking, man this girl would never want to talk to me! This girl has to be a bitch!

However, she's probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. She's very relaxed, very chill, and an absolute sweetheart. She's one of the few people I can say that once I really started talking to and getting to know her past her looks, I felt really comfortable with her. As if I've known her forever. I still do feel that way. I don't feel that way often about people. It typically takes me awhile to really warm up to people and not feel awkward. She actually reminded me tonight much of Lina which made me grin inside :) It's funny as I sat there tonight at Brian's house talking to her and Mariel that I'd have never imagined this person talking to me a couple of years ago and thinking what a bitch she probably was. Looks are deciving indeed and for that I'm grateful that I do have a chance to actually get to know her and hopefully even more now that she's living down in D.C. :)

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