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Sigh I missed a day in the blog-a-thon. Not my fault though! My monitor gave out on me :( I started typing my entry last night and my email to the 6th grade parents about first day of class when my screen blinked and died. After much freaking out calling Jon, Jason, Brian, and Angel, and trying to figure if it was my video card or monitor wondering how to pay for this, Jon offered to come down and figure it out for me (he was going to come down Friday anyways so he came two days early and will stay til Friday lol).

Turns out my monitor was shot so off we went to Best Buy. I now have a 20 inch flat screen. It's really purty except my computer is 6 years old and thus my resolution only goes up to 1024x768. My screen is meant to be 1600x900. It's a bit pixelated. I'm seriously contemplating now buying a new computer when I get my UoP refund check. I also fell in love with a laptop at Best Buy which wasn't too pricy so I will probably buy a laptop too with the money.

1st day of 6th grade went pretty well. I really like my kids - very fun and active :D I did two icebreakers and then Lisa came in to observe so I figured I'd start teaching some Hebrew which wasn't in my plan lol. They're not bad readers at all - plus apparently having a token economy set up in the class is a big motivator LMAO.

I'm going to go cuddle with my doofus and watch Full Metal Jacket :)

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