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Back from NYC and chilling in Allentown ... all in one day :)

Got to Jon's last night around 11:45 PM - lot of delays. I had to stop for a bit at a Rutter's to buy caffine because if I had not, I probably would have fallen asleep at the wheel. Would not want that! Then as I got on 222, there was construction and it was down to one lane. I'm not much of a night driver and this guy behind me was tailgating my ass which made me nervous as fuck so I got off 222 and had my GPS reroute me backroads. Thus I drove through Amish country for about 20 miles to avoid the construction.

And for those who say NJ has a state smell haven't driven through PA at night! Most of my drive all I smelled was horse manure! Gross. At least I made it in one piece :)

So today Jon dragged me out of bed at 7 AM, we got dressed and made our way to Hellertown to catch the bus to NYC. Bus ride wasn't too bad - Lina got me Cooking Mama for the DS so I tried that out while Jon played Sims 2 on his. We got to Port Authority and off we went to catch the subway to Ground Zero.

I've never ridden the NYC Subway before. My experience is only with Metro (DC's form of subway). Jon was telling me how wonderful subway is because you pay one flat rate as opposed to DC in which you pay a different amount based on the distance you went from the original stop and if it's rush hour compared to other hours. Granted it's nice to pay one flat rate and there are so many lines and stops on the subway that astounded me. I wish I could have sat with a map and just studied all the lines. However give me Metro any day - it is a much cleaner and smoother ride!

And no offense to NYC but I don't know how people live there - after being one day there, I felt like I was closed in and going insane! So many people so much traffic! I like the city much better than I did at 14 but I could never live in NYC. Anywho.

We got to Ground Zero (which last time I was in NYC the buildings were still standing) and it was very sobering for me just to look around and think back to 8 years ago and think about what it would have been like had I been in NYC that day. I'm lucky that I didn't know anyone in NYC let alone in the twin towers that day (the only person I know who died was this girl's sister that used to write and post Days fan fics where I posted but I never talked to Alisandra may she RIP only read her fan fics). I might of been lucky - 1000's of others were not.

We sat outside at this church (can't think of the name but Jon mentioned that somehow this church was still standing when everything else fell apart around it). Thought about the day and thought about the time in between then and now. How the world has changed.

We stayed there for about 30 minutes talking, thinking, wandering around, and reflecting and then we made our way back to Port Authority to meet Joanie and Bill. I finally got to meet Joanie (Jon's really good friend) whom I've heard about for years. I liked her a lot - very chill. Her husband was very standoffish but by the end of the day he warmed up a bit. We went for lunch in Bryant Park and then off we went to find the theater in which Avenue Q was playing in!

It was my first time seeing a Broadway show and I was excited as hell especially since this is a show I had heard about for years. In HS, my boyfriend at the time was so excited about this show that he had sent me parts of the soundtrack which I still have and love. I finally got to connect the songs in relation to the actual storyline! The show was utterly amazing - I laughed so hard! In the beginning I was surprised to see that the people doing the puppets were not ventriloquists - lips were moving so I was a bit disappointed but after 15 minutes I stopped caring and enjoyed the show! Love Kate Monster and Princeton and Trekkie Monster and Lucy the Slut and Christmas Eve are amusing as hell <3

After the show we walked to Central Park as I had never been before and wanted to go. I naively imagined Central Park to be well...a park. I'd have guessed big but not huge. And it is a park .... that covers 30 or so blocks! F'in huge! Naive of me I know not to realize how big the park is but don't make fun of me - last time I'd been to NYC, I was 14 and I was in the city for 2 hours and before that I was on an 8th grade class trip and we went to Ellis Island and Battery Park :D What I know about NYC could fit on a fingernail or two lol. We walked around for a bit then sat down and watched people and talked. Then from Central Park we made the really long ass walk back to Port Authority where we caught our bus back to Hellertown. A realllllly long day but what a great experience!

Tomorrow: Jeff Dunham live with Geetar Guy :)

As for comments for both the blog a thon and my LJ friends, I will comment back to entries when I get back from PA :)

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