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60 Minutes to my birthday. Or if you count the official time I was born at (2:48 AM), I have 3.5 hours. I will be 24. Where the hell does time go? As Andrew pointed out to me tonight, it wasn't so long ago that I was looking forward to my 21st. 24 shall be an interesting year I think :)

I wasn't looking forward to my birthday this morning. I hadn't planned anything and I was a bit depressed because my birthday is on a Wednesday and I figured, well who would want to hang out with me anyways since everyone has to work the next day. And since I'll be in Allentown this weekend, I can't plan anything for the weekend. So I sat at working hanging with Morgan as I do, a bit sad, when Rachi texted me asking what are we doing tomorrow. That took me aback and I sent him this somewhat depressed text. As I sent it, it hit me...why wouldn't anyone want to hang out with me? If I keep thinking that way, no one is going to hang out with me. So I got on it and decided to plan something last minute and whoever could come out and hang out with me tomorrow night, awesome and who could not, then I'll see them another time! Off I went to plan something on Facebook. I came up with going to the Lebanese Taverna after I get off work in downtown Silver Spring and then maybe getting ice cream or going to a bar. I figured maybe at the most 5 or so people would RSVP. So far to my surprise 9 people are coming who have RSVPed on facebook plus a couple of friends who are bringing their SO's...so I think there's going to be like 13-15 people there if everyone shows up! Not what I expected! Bit more excited now :) Hopefully it turns out nice!

Found out today that my student loan disbursement check will be sent out 9/3. Originally I was going to use that money to double up on classes. But after talking to Angel, I'm highly contemplating buying a laptop as my computer is 6 years old tomorrow (it was a present for going to college/18th birthday) and is getting slower by the day. We shall see.

I will be as I said in Allentown for the long weekend with my doofus! I'm excited as Saturday, we're catching the bus from Hellertown to Port Authority and going to play tourist in NYC. We have tickets to see Avenue Q with his friend Joanie and her husband Bill and then we may go to Ground Zero. I also would like to go Central Park or maybe do some shopping. We'll get back Saturday night sometime. Then Sunday, him, his mom, and I are going to see Jeff Dunham live at the Allentown Fair! Silleeeence I keeeeel you!<3 Can't wait!

As you might notice, my entry is on public. All my entries for the month of September will be public as I am participating in Ecstasy's blog-a-thon! I'm excited as one of my goals for the year was to be able to write an entry every day for a month so this gives me a reason to do so. And if you ever want to join an great message board, I do recommend Ecstasy - good times, good posts, awesome people :).

30 minutes.

Let's see what being 24 shall bring :)

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