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I came across this on a blog I follow and I thought it was cute. Gives me a reason to be cute and sappy about my doofus :D

Relationship Meme

Who eats more?

Hmm. I tend to be hungrier more. I wake up and I will automatically think I'm hungry! It feels like forever and a day before he's like I'm hungry too. However, when it gets down to actually eating...it would have to be him.

Who said “I love you” first?

Jon did. I was out in San Diego and a lot drama had occurred the night before and I had woken him up at 4AM EST crying my eyes out. Mind you he had to be at work at 7 AM EST! He stayed up from 4 AM on being with me on the phone as I was crying. I finally crashed around 4 AM PST and woke up around 9 AM PST. Around 12 PST [3 EST] Jon called me to check how I was doing as he was on his way to his second job [at the time he was working two jobs/12 hours a day give or take]. We talked for a bit and then as we were hanging up, he says I love you. I was stunned. I didn't say anything for about a minute or so then mumbled love you too and hung up fast in shock lol.

Who is the morning person?

Neither one of us but he's much better about getting up than I am. It takes awhile to drag my ass out of bed!

Who sings better?

Him by far. I love listening to him sing <3

Who is older?

Jon is 1 year and 4 months older than me.

Who is smarter?

It’s a draw. Jon and I are both highly intelligent, just in different ways. He's much better than I am mathematically and technology wise but I'm much better at writing, history, and geography.

Who has the worst temper?

It's a draw there too. If we get pissy with each other, it's on.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

In my room he does...in his room, I do.

Who has larger feet?

Jon = size 13 or 14

Hillary = size 6.5

Who has longer hair?

Me by far.

Who is better with the computer?

He is by far. I know basic stuff but beyond that he is pretty awesome.

Who cooks dinner?

He does. He won't let me cook! I don't think he believes I can cook lol.

Who drives when you are together?

He does! He won't let me drive either lmao.

Who pays when you go out to dinner?

Jon, for the most part, although I pay once in a while.

Who is the most stubborn?

It's a draw there because if we think we're right, we stick to it.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?

I think more him but I think he does it more to shut me up or to end a fight...I do it more because I'll be like ok, I'm actually wrong.

Who kissed whom first?

Jon kissed me first. We were sitting on my bed talking and he started tickling me and then kissed me.

I find that most of my first kisses with a guy tend to happen after they have tickled me lol.

Who asked whom out?

I'm not too sure to tell you the truth. I guess him? When we first met, he made some kind of reference to wanting to take me on a date...and he was the one who had the away message "so what are we?" However, by the time I actually wanted to go on a date with him and for us to be in a relationship, he didn't want to date me which led to the whole friends with benefits thing and we didn't have a real date until 2 years later lmao.

Who is more sensitive?

Me. I can get teary very easily.

Who is taller?

Jon = 5'9

Hillary = 5′2

Who has more friends?

I do. He had a small number of close friends but he doesn't see them often. I have a bigger group of friends and tend to be out a bit more.

Who has more siblings?

He does. He has a brother and a sister + a brother and sister in law. I have one half sister.

Who has had more sexual partners?

He by far ;)

Where was your first date?

I think it was for dinner and to see Happy Feet lol.

Who is more jealous?

Hmm. Not that I get that jealous but it would be me more than him I would think.

How long did it take to get serious?

LMAO. 2 years or so?

Who is the neat-freak?

Hmm. We're both not neat freaks but I think he's much neater than I am.

Who hogs the bed?

I say he does. He will tell you I do lmao.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

IHOP!!!!!!!! We do love our IHOP especially if we can get people to go with us. Besides that? Wherever that strikes our fancy.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Allentown PA to Niagara Falls, ON, Canada/Toronto, ON, Canada.

Who has the craziest exes?

Hmm. I think he has more exes than I do. And some of them have sounded crazy so I'll go with him lol.

Did you go to the same school?

For college, yes. That's where we met.

Are you from the same home town?

Nope. I'm from Silver Spring, MD right outside of D.C. in lovely suburbia. He grew up in rural Coopersburg, PA right outside of Allentown, PA.

How long have you been together?

Officially? 2.5 years!

What are your middle names?

His is Evan. He hates it. Mine is Dina which I like :)

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

The distance. We've been in a LDR the whole time we've dated. It's not easy but at the end of the day, there's no one I'd rather be with than him :)
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Full Metal Jacket is a pretty decent movie. I liked the first half better than the second but all in all a good movie and cuddle worthy if only for the fact that I hate looking at blood and gore lol. It made me realize how much my knowledge of the Vietnam War is lacking though. I need to spend some time with Wiki!

It's been pretty nice to have Jon here even though he has to leave in the AM :(. Jake made a comment the other day that stuck me. I was sitting with him as he ate his dinner and he was asking me his million and one questions about Jon when Kali [his older sister] asked who's Jon? Jake answers for me and says he's her boyfriend...and then goes on to say that Jon is her best friend too! Pretty observant for an 11 year old :D

But he is my best friend. Not that I've not known this but it really hit home for me. Tuesday night my monitor died [though I did not know what exactly it was at the time] and of course the first person I called was Jon to freak out to. I did get annoyed as hell at him for constantly telling me I'll be fine and it's not a big deal because computers die every day. Even hung up on him and called Angel pissed off. However, when I called him back still freaking out, he offered if I really wanted for him to come down and look at it. After contemplating all of my options, I figured okay come down, I want to see you. As Alison put it to me yesterday, I have an amazing boyfriend that's willing to drive down so I won't be left without a computer :) He is amazing despite Jake's sadness that he won't do my laundry for me [he's very fixated on the fact I haven't done laundry in 2 weeks so he figures Jon should do it for me lol]. I got lucky with him :D
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What a day...and not a good day either :/

The nice part was waking up this morning with my doofus and cuddling with him. Neither one of us are morning people (though I'm the harder one to wake up in the morning) and this morning, he struggled to get out of bed so we just laid there and curled up with each other dozing on and off.

That was the big highlight...that and sitting at Tae Kwon Do with Jake just reading a book, hearing Kyle say Mama very clearly (that was exciting for me because I haven't heard him talk clearly in a long time!) - oh and being home on time to watch Hell's Kitchen (though I'm annoyed as hell that Suzanne has still not been kicked off!). And I did have an awesome phone conference with my team for class - I got lucky this class with the people on my team :D

Beyond that, it sucked.

A little TMI maybe but I woke up and realized I had a UTI or the beginnings of it. As I was not going to drive 3 hours home thinking I need to pee every 5 seconds and being in pain, I had to stop and buy meds.

I had to leave my doofus in PA and head back - hate doing that :/

Oh so then I'm driving on 222 [a PA state highway] in Berks/Lancaster Counties and I notice this old couple going 35-40 miles an hour on a highway weaving in and out of the lane [speed limit is 65]!!! I tried signaling to them but they ignored me. I called the cops because well I was worried about this couple and who the fuck drives 35 miles an hour on a highway? I called somewhere out of Knauers/Adamstown ... which I think is still Berks. They said they'll check that out and I hung up. As I hang up, I thought it wouldn't it be my luck to get pulled over for something.

Yeah, crossed into Lancaster....and sure enough, guess who got pulled over?!? Here's the thing: it's 65 and I'm going 78 which I think is reasonable on a state highway as I'm keeping up with traffic. I notice a Cop chilling and I figure well, just in case let me slow my ass down and switch back into the right lane. I see him pull out behind me and he's driving following me for about a mile or two not doing anything and I'm maintaining now about 70 when he pulls me over!!!! He fucking waited for I don't know what to pull me over rather than pulling me over when I was doing 78 so by the time he does actually pull me over, I'm actually really confused now and thinking well maybe he's pulling me over regarding my earlier phone call. Nope. He tells me he clocked me at 78 thus giving me a ticket PLUS he will be nice to me and not give me a ticket for my Hawaiian Lei that I have on my rearview mirror because it is illegal in PA to have anything hanging there [which as far as I know is not illegal in MD]. He then gives me the third degree for being in PA when I clearly do not live there. Am I not allowed to visit?? Sheesh.

So I have $143 ticket for speeding! $143!!! What the hell? For going 13 miles over?? Hell, I went 25 over speed limit in a residential (in MD) once and only got $90! I'm debating fighting it ... it's not a far drive to Lancaster for me (1.5 hours or so) and I think this is utterly ridiculous for pulling me over when people were going faster than me...but because I have a MD license plate, you're going to target me. He even said, I know you're probably going to pay because you're not really going to want to drive to Lancaster, right!? I didn't say anything to him. UGH! Before I fight though, I want to see if the points will transfer into MD or not. Because I may just pay it if I can not get points on my license - I can't afford to have points with the job I have [a lot of my job involves driving my kids around]. I have 10 days to decide and mail it out. What would you do?

Then I got off work and Aba asked me to stop at Glenmont because he wanted to give me a number to this psychologist he met at Starbucks who maybe wants to hire me or something [I'm not entirely clear on this but I'll call this lady tomorrow]. And then he goes...you have any money? WTF? You work, damnit. You make much more than I do because you tell me constantly about the jobs you have ... don't ask me! I gave him $2 because well that's all I had on me nor would I stop at the ATM. Then he asked me to take him to the hospital this week for his eyes...and I'm sorry, I love my dad but I can't do this when I know he doesn't take care of himself anyways. I take the time off work to do things for him and then he doesn't bother anyways with what the doctor tells him because he knows better! And then he gets mad at me if I interfere. Tells me I have a big mouth and he can talk for himself...so fine do it yourself!

I'll probably eventually do it anyways and take him or otherwise the guilt will eat at me. Sigh.

Is it slightly sad that my excitement this week so far exists only of going to my eye doctor on Friday [I love going to eye doctors lol]. Otherwise I'm working late tomorrow and Thursday doing respite. I may do respite work Saturday. I could use the hours now that I'm not working with Morgan. I'm going to miss that girl lol.

I need to start lesson planning for Sunday and Tuesday - another school year has started! :D

*crosses fingers that tomorrow and the rest of the week will be better than today*
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*Skit from the Jeff Dunham show live.

I've seen all of Jeff Dunham's work and laughed my ass off with tears in my eyes. However, nothing compares to seeing him live!

Our seats were crappy - we sat 35 rows back in the bleachers and there was this stupid beam blocking our view so we had to watch most of the show on the big screen TVs or crane our necks in some uncomfortable positions. It was worth it nonetheless!

He is hysterical! I thought I was laughing yesterday watching Avenue Q but today I laughed even harder! I was never crazy about his puppet Walter but I loved him tonight - I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next remark. And of course Achmed the Dead Terrorist was there who I adore. I'm still not crazy about Peanut but him and Jose the Jalapeno were awesome - I wish Jose was out a bit more. He also brought out Bubba J and then the whole crowd was screaming Bubba's responses hahaha.

I'm going to be in Allentown for another night. Jon's only working until 8 tomorrow and I don't work nor do I want to be driving back in Labor Day traffic so I figure I'll spend another night and drive back Tuesday to be in time for Kyle's team meeting. No complaints :D

Oooh so I got my last week's paper that I was bitching about to Jon cussing at him because it was a horrible paper back. I got 100%! I then freaked out because I figured well maybe the prof is giving everyone a 100% because she is being monitored. Nope. I got a phone call from Karyn today telling me while she got an A-, Tonya got a C, and Patsy an F! Felt a little better about A after hearing that lmao. I wonder what the rest of the class got. Hopefully our team paper due on Monday will do well. I'll be glad when this class is done however I think I shall miss my team since they are all now officially graduated while I have 3 more classes to go. Soon enough that will be me though :)
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Back from NYC and chilling in Allentown ... all in one day :)

Got to Jon's last night around 11:45 PM - lot of delays. I had to stop for a bit at a Rutter's to buy caffine because if I had not, I probably would have fallen asleep at the wheel. Would not want that! Then as I got on 222, there was construction and it was down to one lane. I'm not much of a night driver and this guy behind me was tailgating my ass which made me nervous as fuck so I got off 222 and had my GPS reroute me backroads. Thus I drove through Amish country for about 20 miles to avoid the construction.

And for those who say NJ has a state smell haven't driven through PA at night! Most of my drive all I smelled was horse manure! Gross. At least I made it in one piece :)

So today Jon dragged me out of bed at 7 AM, we got dressed and made our way to Hellertown to catch the bus to NYC. Bus ride wasn't too bad - Lina got me Cooking Mama for the DS so I tried that out while Jon played Sims 2 on his. We got to Port Authority and off we went to catch the subway to Ground Zero.

I've never ridden the NYC Subway before. My experience is only with Metro (DC's form of subway). Jon was telling me how wonderful subway is because you pay one flat rate as opposed to DC in which you pay a different amount based on the distance you went from the original stop and if it's rush hour compared to other hours. Granted it's nice to pay one flat rate and there are so many lines and stops on the subway that astounded me. I wish I could have sat with a map and just studied all the lines. However give me Metro any day - it is a much cleaner and smoother ride!

And no offense to NYC but I don't know how people live there - after being one day there, I felt like I was closed in and going insane! So many people so much traffic! I like the city much better than I did at 14 but I could never live in NYC. Anywho.

We got to Ground Zero (which last time I was in NYC the buildings were still standing) and it was very sobering for me just to look around and think back to 8 years ago and think about what it would have been like had I been in NYC that day. I'm lucky that I didn't know anyone in NYC let alone in the twin towers that day (the only person I know who died was this girl's sister that used to write and post Days fan fics where I posted but I never talked to Alisandra may she RIP only read her fan fics). I might of been lucky - 1000's of others were not.

We sat outside at this church (can't think of the name but Jon mentioned that somehow this church was still standing when everything else fell apart around it). Thought about the day and thought about the time in between then and now. How the world has changed.

We stayed there for about 30 minutes talking, thinking, wandering around, and reflecting and then we made our way back to Port Authority to meet Joanie and Bill. I finally got to meet Joanie (Jon's really good friend) whom I've heard about for years. I liked her a lot - very chill. Her husband was very standoffish but by the end of the day he warmed up a bit. We went for lunch in Bryant Park and then off we went to find the theater in which Avenue Q was playing in!

It was my first time seeing a Broadway show and I was excited as hell especially since this is a show I had heard about for years. In HS, my boyfriend at the time was so excited about this show that he had sent me parts of the soundtrack which I still have and love. I finally got to connect the songs in relation to the actual storyline! The show was utterly amazing - I laughed so hard! In the beginning I was surprised to see that the people doing the puppets were not ventriloquists - lips were moving so I was a bit disappointed but after 15 minutes I stopped caring and enjoyed the show! Love Kate Monster and Princeton and Trekkie Monster and Lucy the Slut and Christmas Eve are amusing as hell <3

After the show we walked to Central Park as I had never been before and wanted to go. I naively imagined Central Park to be well...a park. I'd have guessed big but not huge. And it is a park .... that covers 30 or so blocks! F'in huge! Naive of me I know not to realize how big the park is but don't make fun of me - last time I'd been to NYC, I was 14 and I was in the city for 2 hours and before that I was on an 8th grade class trip and we went to Ellis Island and Battery Park :D What I know about NYC could fit on a fingernail or two lol. We walked around for a bit then sat down and watched people and talked. Then from Central Park we made the really long ass walk back to Port Authority where we caught our bus back to Hellertown. A realllllly long day but what a great experience!

Tomorrow: Jeff Dunham live with Geetar Guy :)

As for comments for both the blog a thon and my LJ friends, I will comment back to entries when I get back from PA :)

Save me!

Sep. 4th, 2009 03:07 am
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So far behind in Physiological Psychology it isn't even funny. I hate the material - bores me to tears and thus I struggle in this class. I keep slacking off which is horrible and is not like me at all. Well not the new me who has been an awesome student. I skipped answering a DQ last week and lost some points. I'm debating doing that this week because it would take me forever and a day to answer it and to lose .5 points won't kill me. But then I think WTF...I came this far and was an amazing student in my journey with UOP, why the hell am I slacking? This is the old me thinking and not the current me. BLARGH indeed. I'm going to aim to answer that DQ if it kills me but I don't know when I have the time. I have to write my part of the group paper (only 350 words or so but I don't have time!) and my team wants it by tomorrow night! AHHH.

Sigh it's 3 AM. I feel like I'm going insane. Sleep is beckoning to me. I'm contemplating sitting at work tomorrow doing my homework since it's my last day with Morgan anyways. Whats the point of really running therapy since it's not as if I'm going to be able to follow up and take data next week or the week after? My job is done with her as of noon tomorrow. I'm going to miss her a great deal but there's a part of me that is relieved because I can truly focus on finding a full time job. Tomorrow maybe I'll just babysit and take data simply on her manding to see if she can master asking "Can I have____?" I love her asking "Can I have___" because if you didn't realize what she's referring to, it sounds silly. Like "Can I have teeth please?" referring to the puzzle piece of shark's teeth that I hid from her. Her and I will chill tomorrow I think.

I will be exhausted anyways since it's 3:15 and I have to be there at 9. Then I got me my mani and pedi appointment...then off to work to wish Jake and Ky happy birthday and take Ky to horse back riding...and then driving to PA! And my doofus wants me to straighten my hair at his place...which I'm confused how the hell am I going to have time since I won't get there til about 10:30 PM and then need to shower, blow dry, and straighten (and I have a lot of hair!)...and we need to catch the 8:15 bus out of Hellertown on Saturday to Port Authority so we need to get up ass early too...yay.

Not going to be easy to wake up tomorrow that's for sure :(

Does this entry feel as jumbled to you as it does to me? I don't even feel like I can keep a thought in my head at the moment....which means I think I need to make one more class post and then crash! G'night :)
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60 Minutes to my birthday. Or if you count the official time I was born at (2:48 AM), I have 3.5 hours. I will be 24. Where the hell does time go? As Andrew pointed out to me tonight, it wasn't so long ago that I was looking forward to my 21st. 24 shall be an interesting year I think :)

I wasn't looking forward to my birthday this morning. I hadn't planned anything and I was a bit depressed because my birthday is on a Wednesday and I figured, well who would want to hang out with me anyways since everyone has to work the next day. And since I'll be in Allentown this weekend, I can't plan anything for the weekend. So I sat at working hanging with Morgan as I do, a bit sad, when Rachi texted me asking what are we doing tomorrow. That took me aback and I sent him this somewhat depressed text. As I sent it, it hit me...why wouldn't anyone want to hang out with me? If I keep thinking that way, no one is going to hang out with me. So I got on it and decided to plan something last minute and whoever could come out and hang out with me tomorrow night, awesome and who could not, then I'll see them another time! Off I went to plan something on Facebook. I came up with going to the Lebanese Taverna after I get off work in downtown Silver Spring and then maybe getting ice cream or going to a bar. I figured maybe at the most 5 or so people would RSVP. So far to my surprise 9 people are coming who have RSVPed on facebook plus a couple of friends who are bringing their SO's...so I think there's going to be like 13-15 people there if everyone shows up! Not what I expected! Bit more excited now :) Hopefully it turns out nice!

Found out today that my student loan disbursement check will be sent out 9/3. Originally I was going to use that money to double up on classes. But after talking to Angel, I'm highly contemplating buying a laptop as my computer is 6 years old tomorrow (it was a present for going to college/18th birthday) and is getting slower by the day. We shall see.

I will be as I said in Allentown for the long weekend with my doofus! I'm excited as Saturday, we're catching the bus from Hellertown to Port Authority and going to play tourist in NYC. We have tickets to see Avenue Q with his friend Joanie and her husband Bill and then we may go to Ground Zero. I also would like to go Central Park or maybe do some shopping. We'll get back Saturday night sometime. Then Sunday, him, his mom, and I are going to see Jeff Dunham live at the Allentown Fair! Silleeeence I keeeeel you!<3 Can't wait!

As you might notice, my entry is on public. All my entries for the month of September will be public as I am participating in Ecstasy's blog-a-thon! I'm excited as one of my goals for the year was to be able to write an entry every day for a month so this gives me a reason to do so. And if you ever want to join an great message board, I do recommend Ecstasy - good times, good posts, awesome people :).

30 minutes.

Let's see what being 24 shall bring :)

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